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that adapt to your needs

State of the art workspace created with focus on seamless operations and hygiene. Opt for Hanto so that you can focus on your core business while we manage your office infrastructure in the background.

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Attention to details
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At Hanto we have detailed SOP for every single detail required to run a facility. Our focus is to ensure that all the infrastructure required for you to run your business always perform at its optimum. Book an online demo for walkthrough of our SOP.

Uniquely designed spaces that promotes productivity, hygiene and collaboration.

Focus on our hygiene and workspace awareness program that promotes clean workspaces.

Enterprise grade IT and Facility infrastructure to support your business operation.

Hanto thrives on diversity
All our spaces are built with lot of passion and attention to details. Each of our 50+ offices are built with unique elements while having same depth of functionality.

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Mission & Culture

Hanto is a Japanese word that means “Hunt”. Hanto is a band of people hunting to bring most value to the market by solving real customer problems.

We believe in individuals freedom to see the problem in their own unique way and have their own take at it. Hanto will always welcome a different take to existing problem and nudge towards a better solution.

Hanto also stand for responsible entrepreneurship and inclusiveness. We will always strive to contribute to society in our own way and make it a better place to live than yesterday.

Aashit Verma